Why choose us to make your t-shirt quilt?

Why choose us to make your t-shirt quilt?

Why choose us to make your t-shirt quilt? The internet is full of t-shirt quilt makers. How do you pick the best quilter for you? Here are 7 reasons that make our t-shirt quilts stand out:

  1. Custom fabric choices. You choose the fabrics for the front and back. Beautiful, high quality 100% cotton. Fabric that is made to last as long as your favorite t-shirts. The premium fabric we use is soft and lasts through many washings. You pick your dream fabric from and we purchase it.
  2. Premium batting. We use Hobb’s 80/20 batting that is recommended for t-shirt quilts. Be wary of t-shirt businesses who use polyester. It is a cheap alternative and will bunch up after washing.
  3.  Images are NOT cut off to fit a specific size block. The size of your designs or logos determine the size of the blocks. We can cut your shirts up to 22″.
  4. You approve a proof before we add the quilting stitches. You have the opportunity to move or change blocks. This reduces the chance of a wrong shirt being added to your quilt. Several times the customer is shocked to see they sent a wrong shirt!
  5. No hidden fees. We will combine fronts/backs or combine two shirts into one block for no additional charge. The published price is the price you pay.
  6. T-shirt quilts are professionally quilted on a commercial quilting machine. We do not tie or try to push a large quilt through a home swing machine.
  7. We are trained quilters. Your t-shirt quilt will be professionally quilted and finished with a professional binding.

The choice is yours. We will be happy to talk to you about your vision for your quilt. Your vision can be sewn into a t-shirt quilt that will last many years and bring you lots of happiness. If you want to choose us to make your t-shirt quilt-start the process here!

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