What will $2.60 buy you? Peace of mind.

Shipping your t-shirt quilt to you is a very important part of our business.

Package theft is on the rise. Thieves follow the USPS, UPS, and FedEx drivers around and steal packages off  of porches everyday and the problem seems to increase around the holidays. Facebook and the nightly news show porch pirates brazenly taking packages off porches.

The sad reality is when they open your package and see it is not something that can be resold they will throw it away! The chances of recovering it are slim. Your t-shirt quilt is priceless to you! It would be devastating  for your quilt to be stolen.

Stealing your package from Amazon will make you mad but it can be replaced. Thieves stealing your T-shirt quilt will make you mad also BUT your t-shirt quilt cannot be replaced.

Here at EggMoneyQuilts we ship our t-shirt quilts USPS Priority with signature confirmation. Signature confirmation costs $2.60 and means the mailman has to get a signature and cannot leave your quilt on the porch or at the door. While no shipping method is a 100% guaranteed adding this extra layer of security makes sense!

If no one is available to sign for your t-shirt quilt it will be held for you at your local post office. You can pick it up at your convenience. We also send you the tracking number so you can watch your t-shirt quilt make it’s way to you.

Yes we know it can be a hassle if no one is available to sign for the package.  You can go on the USPS website and track your package and change the delivery date if you need to. If not you will need to pick up at your local post office.

Your t-shirt quilt means a lot to you. It is a graduation gift with t-shirts from high school or college. The quilt can be a loved ones clothes with special memories that you want to hold close forever. Some quilts have clothes from baby to adult.

Can you opt out of the signature confirmation? Yes you can. In the many years we have been shipping t-shirt quilts we have had one request to leave the signature confirmation off. The client did not want to interact with her mailman. Apparently he was not a pleasant person. We explained why we add it but she made the decision to leave it off. Luckily the delivery was a success!

We would love to work with you on your t-shirt quilt. If you have questions give us a callwe love to talk about t-shirt quilts!

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