We are on a mission to eradicate boring plain T-shirt quilts!

Are you a runner? Do you play soccer? Love your cat? A plaid fanatic?

Show your personality in your T-shirt quilt. Your quilt is professionally made to last and last. Why not make it extra special with neat fabric?

Sometimes I hear “well I really like solid colors.” Great! You can still add interest to your  t-shirt quilt by picking a solid fabric with a texture.

Many times clients say “gray is ok”. Let’s make gray great! The fabric still is gray but it adds a little texture to make it interesting. Here is a gray that works great for the front and back of your quilt. A fabric with texture will also not show stains as much as a solid fabric. Egg Money T-shirt quilts are meant to be used and washed.

How about navy? A fabric that has been requested several times is navy with white stars. It is a classic and timeless fabric. You can also get it in a lightweight flannel.

And let’s not forget the cat lovers!

The process for choosing your fabric is pretty simple. You go to and look at quilting cottons. In the search bar you can refine your search with key words. An example would be “blue cat quilting cottons”. Lots of blue cat fabric will show up. Choose the one you like and send us the name or link. We will order your fabric. You can read more about fabric here.

We are always happy to help or give you some suggestions to pick the best fabric for your T-shirt quilt.

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