Traveling T Shirt Quilts

So many places to explore. So many memories to make.

Save your memories in a T Shirt quilt.

Here at the T Shirt Quilt Company we get to see t-shirts from all over the world. We actually have to google some of the destinations! We have quilted Harley Davidson shirts that came from many countries, years of shirts from local festivals, concert shirts from many cities, and bucket list shirts.

The fabric chosen for the back can really set the theme for travel quilts. Here are a couple:

You choose the fabrics for your quilt. Go to and look at quilting cottons. The fabric for the back is a perfect place to express yourself. You will have a reversible quilt with your tshirts on the front and beautiful travel inspired fabric on the back.

Oh the places you will go and the memories you will make! And they will live on in your t-shirt quilt from the T Shirt Quilt Company.

Start your T-shirt quilt today!

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