Traditional T Shirt Quilt Style

The Traditional style T shirt quilt features shirts that are cut into blocks and pieced together with fabric between each block. You can choose 9-36 blocks. The fabric between the blocks is called sashing. We cut the sashing fabric 2.5 inches. We suggest a solid fabric or small print for the sashing.

What sets us apart from other t-shirt quilt makers?

  1. We cut your shirts up to 22 inches depending on the designs. You are not limited to a 12 inch block like other t-shirt companies .
  2. You choose fabrics for your t-shirt quilt from– please look at quilting cottons. You send me the name or number and I order the fabric. It is part of the total cost of your t-shirt quilt.

Here are recommendations to  assist you in choosing fabrics for your t-shirt quilt.

Why choose a traditional style quilt?
  • You have  a limited number of shirts but would like a bigger quilt.
  • Your shirts tell a story and with the traditional style quilt the shirts can be arranged to convey the story.
  • You like the uniform appearance of the traditional style quilt.

We offer  3 options: No Cornerstones, Cornerstones, or Framed. Click here for prices.

We cut your shirts into blocks measuring between 14-22 inches. The size is determined by the size of your designs. We do not limit you to a 12 inch square. The shirts are NOT cut by machine like some of the bigger companies use. Each shirt is cut by hand to make sure the designs are centered and straight. We take great pride in the quality of our t-shirt quilts and it starts with cutting the shirts properly!