TooCoolTshirtQuilts compared to the EggMoneyQuilts Mosaic style quilt

TooCoolTshirtQuilts compared to the EggMoneyQuilts Mosaic style quilt

TooCoolTshirtQuilts has compared the t shirt quilt they make to the t shirt quilts made by Project Repat and Campus Quilts. The problem is the style of t-shirt quilts these 2 businesses make is totally different from the quilt TooCoolTshirtQuilts make. It is like comparing apples to oranges!  EggMoneyQuilts does make the same style t-shirt quilt that TooCoolTshirtQuilts makes. It is a called mosaic, collage, or puzzle quilt. Let’s compare!

  1. Interfacing– TooCoolTshirtQuilts advertises that they do not use interfacing in their quilts. They claim interfacing makes the t-shirt quilt stiff. We use interfacing in our quilts. It does NOT make the quilt stiff. The interfacing also reinforces the t-shirts-especially well worn shirts! Your quilt will last longer if the shirts have interfacing ironed on. Yes some t-shirt quilts are stiff because the maker has used the wrong type of interfacing, We use a lightweight interfacing that adds no weight to the t-shirt quilt.
  2. Quilting -TooCoolTshirtQuilts adds quilting stitches to each block separately. Our t-shirt quilt is quilted in an all over pattern. The problem with quilting each block separately is two fold. First the quilting stitches are not going over the seams. The seams that hold the shirts together need too be reinforced so they will lay flat and also not come apart with use. Second-the quilting looks messy! We quilt an all over quilting pattern that goes across the whole t-shirt quilt. This reinforces the seams. It also does not draw the attention away from the shirts. You want to see your shirts-not be distracted by the quilting!
  3. Fabric– TooCoolTshirtQuilts uses a solid color for the backing fabric. Your quilt looks like hundreds of other quilts. We encourage our buyers to get creative. Do you like crazy cats from outer space? How about llamas? You choose fabric to make your t-shirt quilt one of a kind!
  4. Binding– TooCoolTshirtQuilts binding is not a mitered binding. Does that matter? Not to some people but it means a lot to us! We sew a mitered binding that gives your quilt a neat polished look.

TooCoolTshirtQuilts and EggMoneyQuilts prices for t-shirt quilts are comparable.

We are a small business that makes a quality t-shirt quilt at a fair price. The majority of our customers find us through a friends referral.

Ordering is easy. Visit EggMoneyQuilts to start the process of having your t-shirt quilt made!

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