Choosing fabrics for your T Shirt quilt

Choosing fabrics for your t shirt quilt is a lot of fun but also a little daunting! There are so many choices! Here are tips to help you choose your fabrics:

Traditional Style
  • The sashing is the fabric that is between the blocks in the traditional style T Shirt quilt. The sashing is cut either 2 inches or 2.5 inches wide. Solid colors or a small print work best. Fabric with big designs, stripes, or chevrons will not work. We recommend Kona solids. Kona is a good quality fabric and comes in hundreds of colors.
  • The fabric should be a quilting cotton. In the search bar add the words “quilting cottons”. This will weed out the canvas, twill, and other cottons that are not recommended for quilting. All cottons are not the same quality!  Quilting cottons are a higher grade. They will make a soft and comfortable quilt.
  • The backing fabric is a great place to be creative! It is best to avoid designs that are linear. The t shirt quilt is quilted on a long arm quilting machine. The quilt back rolls along during the quilting process. It is impossible to insure that fabric will be perfectly straight as it rolls up. Fabric is comprised of many threads woven together and when rolled they stretch differently.
  • Fleece cannot be used. The t shirt quilts are densely quilted and fleece is too thick. Lightweight flannel is OK.
Mosaic Style

On the Mosaic style quilt you choose fabric for the backing and also if you choose a border. The tips for the traditional apply except the border fabric is wider and you can use a bigger print. 

Choosing your fabrics can seem overwhelming -there are so many choices! We are happy to give suggestions. We want you to enjoy the process and to be happy with your t shirt quilt and your fabric choices!

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