Thread choice has a BIG impact on your T shirt quilt.

Thread choice has a BIG impact on your T shirt quilt.

Thread choice has a big impact on your T shirt quilt. Most people do not think about thread when they are choosing a t-shirt quilt business to make their quilt. The thread is usually an after thought or not a thought at all.

Why you should think about the thread in your t shirt quilt:

  • The thread holds the 3 layers of your quilt together. If the wrong thread is used the lifetime of your quilt is decreased.
  • The thread should not be a distraction. You want your t shirts to be the focus of the t shirt quilt.

T-shirt quilts need to be quilted with a thread that is made for industrial machines. This thread is heavy duty and will not break easily. The 3 layers of your quilt are securely sewn. On the rare occasions where we have had to “unsew” a section of a quilt we realize how great this thread is. Quilting that took 5 minutes to add to a quilt will take 6 hours to get out! The stitches have to be carefully cut -the thread will not break easily.

T-shirt quilt businesses who use regular sewing thread either do not know or they don’t want to pay the extra for quilting thread.

We have 100’s of colors of thread. The thread color is matched to the sashing and backing fabric. By matching the thread it allows your shirts to be the focus and not the thread. We store our threads on handmade racks that are mounted to the wall. The racks of thread brighten up the room and makes matching thread to your quilt easier. Our idea to showcase all the beautiful threads was highlighted on a blog post on Redfin

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The thread racks are handmade and can be purchased on Etsy.

Some t-shirt quilters use “invisible” thread. It is basically fishing line. The invisible thread is used  to hide the quilting.  Everyday use and washing may cause the thread to cut the t-shirts or turn yellow. 


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