T-Shirt Quilt Makers- Should You look for a Local Quilter

Is it safe to mail my shirts or should I look for someone local? We get asked that question a lot.

We make 100’s of T-shirt quilts a year and have never had anyone’s shirts not get to us or quilt not get back to them! When your quilt is ready to go home it is boxed up and sent USPS priority mail. We use USPS Priority mail because that is usually the fastest option. Your t-shirt quilt will arrive in 2-3 days depending on what part of the US you live. The package also has signature confirmation. I know this is sometimes a hassle but there is so much porch theft that it is a necessity! On the rare occasions that a package gets put on the wrong truck- yes USPS employees are human and make mistakes- we can track it. You can watch your package move across the country and see the day it is out for delivery.

If you really are worried about mailing your shirts ask us for a recommendation. We network with many t-shirt quilt makers and may be able to help. If we don’t have a recommendation what should you look for in a local t-shirt maker?

  1. Does the local quilter make t-shirt quilts or regular quilts? There are special skills with working with t-shirts that regular quilters are not familiar with. Some t-shirts are not cotton and most regular quilters work with all cotton fabric.
  2. How many t-shirt quilts has she made? You don’t want her to “learn” with your t-shirts!
  3. Can the local quilter make the style of t-shirt quilt you like? There is a steep learning curve to make the Mosaic style so don’t trust your shirts to someone who has never made that style!
  4. Does she have samples of quilts that you can look at? If she is making t-shirt quilts as a business she will have samples of her work.
  5. Does the local quilter use quality fabrics, batting, and thread? Just because the quilter says 100% cotton does not mean it is a quality fabric. The see through scratchy cotton fabric that big box stores sell is 100% cotton. How about the batting? Is it a premium batting that will hold up to many washings?
  6.  Is the local quilter making the quilt from start to finish? Some people piece the top and send the top and back to a long arm quilter. More chance that something will go wrong if it is being sent out.
  7. Is the local quilter working in a smoke free studio? 
  8. What is the turnaround time? You don’t want to wait months to get your t-shirt quilt back!

What sets EggMoneyQuilts apart from other t-shirt quilt makers?

  1. We make t-shirt quilts. We are familiar with many fabrics including dri fit and jerseys.
  2. We make 100’s of t-shirt quilts each year. We practice new techniques on shop samples not your shirts!
  3. EggMoneyQuilts offer several styles of t-shirt quilts. Traditional with or without cornerstones, Mosaic style with or without borders, framed style, and Budget Friendly style. Customers have different styles and budgets and we can help you choose the style that is right for you!
  4. We use quilt shop quality fabric. You choose the fabric from -we only ask that it be quilting cottons. Quilting cottons make soft , comfortable quilts that are heirlom quality. The batting we use is Hobb’s 80/20. It is a premium quality batting that is recommended for t-shirt quilts.
  5. We make your t-shirt quilt from start to finish. We cut your shirts, design and piece your quilt. And then we professionally quilt it on a computerized quilting machine.
  6. Your t-shirt quilt is made in a smoke free studio.
  7. Our turnaround time is 5-6 weeks. It does extend out a little longer during the rush seasons (Christmas and graduation).

We have all the equipment and the skills need to make your t-shirt quilt AWESOME! Order your t-shirt quilt today!

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