Avoid T-shirt Quilt Makers who Skip the Interfacing

Avoid T-shirt Quilt Makers who Skip the Interfacing

Reasons to avoid T-shirt quilt makers who skip the interfacing include:

  1. The t-shirt quilt will not lay flat. There will be ripples and the fabric will bunch up in the corners. The t-shirt quilt may look flat when you receive it but after several washings you will see that the t-shirts have not been stabilized. It is too late to fix it then!
  2. Well worn t-shirts will last longer if interfacing is attached to the back. The interfacing stabilizes the t-shirt. Sewing worn thread bare t-shirts into a quilt without interfacing is not a good plan. Holes will appear with everyday washing and use. I have seen t-shirt quilts with a  block gone or in tatters!
  3. The quilter is trying to save money. Interfacing adds an extra cost to making a t-shirt quilt. If the quilter is willing to skip this cost what else are they skimping on? Maybe the cotton fabric is not a good quality? Maybe they use thread that is not designed for quilting machines? Using poor quality cotton fabric and thread make a big difference in the life span of the t-shirt quilt.  The life of the t-shirt quilt will be shortened.
  4. The correct interfacing does not add extra weight to the quilt.  I do long arm quilting for clients. I have received t-shirt quilt tops where the customer has used a stiff heavy interfacing. The quilt looks and feels like a board after the quilting stitches are added. The customer does not make t-shirt quilts on a regular basis and does not the purchase the lightweight interfacing. Quilts with the light weight interfacing are very soft and pliable.

We have made hundreds of t-shirt quilts. Thousands of t-shirts have been stabilized with interfacing. Stabilizing t-shirts is a very important step in the process of making t-shirt quilts. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a t-shirt quilt maker who does not understand how important it is to not skip the step of interfacing t-shirts.

Here is a t-shirt quilt with no interfacing. You can see how the fabric bunches up in the corners.

skip, toocooltshirtquilts, quilt from shirts

Here is how a t-shirt quilt we make looks. The fabric lays flat.

quilting stitches

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