Size matters when you are shopping for a t-shirt quilt.

Size matters when you are shopping for a t-shirt quilt.
Size matters when you are shopping for a t-shirt quilt.

Browzing the internet I found a queen size traditional t-shirt quilt that measures 65 inches by 86 inches. Sixty five inches wide is a very narrow queen size bed! Those are the measurements of a long Twin size quilt.

The finished size is affected by how big the blocks are cut. Many t-shirt quilt makers only cut your shirt 12 inches square. Size does matter!

We usually cut blocks 14 or 15 inches square. We can cut the blocks up to 22 inches if the design is large. If the design is larger than 22 inches we have several options:

  • Send us a replacement shirt.
  • Advise us on what part we can cut off. Sometimes there is a part of the design that if it is cut off it will not be noticeable. 
  • The other option is to make one row a little bigger than the others. We do this often and it gives a custom look to your t-shirt quilt.

It amazes me that customers are happy with their T-Shirt quilts that have letters cut off. I laughed out loud when a lady on Facebook proudly showed off her Clemson t-shirt quilt and one of the blocks said”C L E M S O”. Really? You and your shirts deserve better than that! That is the reason we don’t limit the designs to a set size. We look at your t-shirts and decide what will work best.

When you order your t-shirt quilt we will not be able to give you a definite size until we see your t-shirts. If size is really important to you let us know. We can tweak it!


Are you ready to turn your treasured t-shirts into a heirloom quilt? Here is the Order Form.

Also take a look at to pick out the custom fabric for your quilt!

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