Quilting Your T Shirt Quilt -Simple and Uniform

An important part of the t-shirt quilt is the quilting. As you look for a t-shirt quilt maker pay close attention to the quilting.
We choose a couple different patterns for several reasons.:
  • The quilting patterns are dense enough to secure the 3 layers of the T shirt quilt.
  • The quilting patterns are not too dense. A very dense pattern will make the t-shirt quilt stiff.
  • The quilting patterns add a uniformity to the T shirt quilts. Most T-shirt quilts have shirts with different colors and designs. The designs we use tie all the shirts together.
 Some shops quilt each shirt differently. Different designs are quilted in each block.

The problem with quilting each block instead of using an all over pattern:

  • Quilting each block with a different design looks “messy” and distracts from your t shirts. You are more focused on the quilting instead of your t-shirt! 
  • The design that is quilted is the personal style of the quilter and it may not be to your liking! Too late-once the quilting stitches are added it is impossible to remove without damaging the shirts!
  • Most importantly- the seams are not reinforced with thread. An all over pattern crosses over the seams and reinforces them. If the quilt is quilted by blocks the seams are not reinforced. The seams between the shirts are the most vulnerable part of the quilt. If they are not reinforced they can pull apart with use and washing
  • Quilting the T Shirt quilt block by block will also give you lots of starts and stops. The more starts and stops you have the less uniform it looks and it also increases the chance that the quilting will come “undone” during washings.
The t-shirt quilts we make are quilted with a quilting pattern that runs from one edge all the way across the quilt top. No stops and starts. That allows the eyes to flow over the quilt and see your shirts.
Here is an example to show the difference in our all over quilting designs and a t-shirt quilt maker who quilts each block separately.
Which t-shirt quilt will you choose?
Another important (but often overlooked ) element is the thread used on your t-shirt quilt. Read about thread here.
We have made 100’s of t-shirt quilts -all with custom fabric that the customer chooses.  Contact us to get started on your quilt!

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