Budget Friendly Quilt is a great alternative to Project Repat’s quilt

Budget Friendly Quilt is a great alternative to Project Repat’s quilt

EggMoneyQuilts offers a Budget Friendly style that is a great alternative to Project Repat’s quilt. Repat’s advertising is a little deceptive.  They claim they make quilts but actually they make blankets. 

I sent 16 shirts to Project Repat to have a t-shirt quilt made. Project Repat does a lot of advertising. They also offer a gift certificate for 50% off. I bought the gift certificate for $37 and used it for my quilt. The quilt is definitely worth $37.

Project Repat refers to their product as a quilt. Technically it is a blanket. A quilt has 3 layers: a front, batting in the middle, and a back. Project Repat’s blanket has 2 sides. The t shirts are on the front side and fleece is on the back. The front and back are not quilted together. Project Repat’s packaging materials refer to the blanket as a quilt. I think they know the difference so I am not sure why they keep referring to a blanket as a quilt!


The layout was good and the colors were balanced. And they even had a sense of humor with the political shirts! The blanket has no batting in the middle so there is no quilting.

EggMoneyQuilts makes a similar t-shirt quilt. Our Budget Friendly t-shirt quilt features blocks that are sewn together with no sashing. The big difference is our t-shirt quilts are actually quilts and the 3 layers are stitched together.

Project Repat did have a couple blocks where words or designs were cut off. I believe they have an option to have bigger blocks cut for an added price. At EggMoneyQuilts we cut the shirts 15″,16″ or 20″ depending on the size of the designs or logos. There is no additional cost for this service. No one wants to receive a t-shirt quilt with important words/designs cut off.

Project Repat sews the backing to the front and then turns it inside out. This method is called pillow casing. They did a great job-it was not obvious where the quilt was turned. 

T-shirt quilts made by EMQ have a double folded binding attached. The binding is important because it is the part of the quilt that wears out the fastest. Adding a binding around the edge is a nice professional finish to your quilt.

How can Project Repat charge so little for the “quilts” they make? 

  1. All shirts are cut the same. There are videos online showing how the shirts are cut. Basically the shirts are stacked on top of each other and a press cuts multiple shirts at one time.
  2. Fleece is used for the backing. Fleece is much lower priced than quality quilting cotton.
  3. There is no batting inside the quilt. The batting makes a quilt warm, and is necessary if the sides are stitched together.
  4. Time is saved by not adding a binding to the quilt. The edge of the t-shirt quilt is so important because that is where the quilt is handled the most. 
  5. According to their videos it takes Project Repat 2 hours to make a t-shirt quilt. The quilts are made on a production line. You and your shirts are a number to them.

The Budget Friendly quilt that we offer is a great alternative to Project Repat’s quilt. Your shirts will be cut as big as needed to include all designs and words. A lightweight flannel (that we stock) or a Kona solid is used for the backing. The shirts are sewn together with no fabric in between the squares. There are no production lines. We do not cut corners to make t-shirt quilts fast. 

Your t-shirt quilt will be professionally quilted. We do not pillowcase or tie the corners. We offer a couple different quilting patterns to choose from for the Budget Friendly quilt.  A double folded binding will finish your quilt professionally.

You will have a quality quilt from your shirts. A quilt that will last through lots of washings and use.

Project Repat blankets costs less-but you also get a lot less. Your “quilt” will not have batting. It will not be quilted. The quilt will not have a binding along the edge.

Do you prefer the traditional style t-shirt quilt that has fabric between the borders? If so we make those also!  We compared our traditional style quilt to a quilt from Campus Quilt. 

We would love to talk to you about your t-shirt quilt. EggMoneyQuilts

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