Wow! Cool T Shirt Quilts

We are working a lot- getting graduation quilts done! Always a busy time of year for T Shirt quilt makers! If it is sunny I like to take a lunch break out on the deck. Winnie loves it -she chases lizards!

I use the time to look around the internet at other companies who make T Shirt quilts. I found an article today from – the article said a traditional style quilt is” uninteresting and mind numbing”. This company only makes the mosaic style of T Shirt quilt.


Traditional T Shirt quilts CAN be interesting and Cool!!

Here at the T Shirt Quilt Company we know people are different and have different likes. Some people like the orderly look of the traditional style T Shirt quilt and some people like the puzzle look of the Mosaic T Shirt quilt. We do both a traditional T Shirt quilt and the Mosaic T Shirt quilt. The traditional can be made with or without cornerstones. We can frame the blocks on the tradional T Shirt quilt. You can also get a pieced border added to your traditional T Shirt quilt.

You choose fabrics for your T Shirt quilt from Look at quilting cottons. Our T Shirt quilts are densely quilted so we cannot use fleece. A lightweight flannel will work for T Shirt quilts. We suggest a solid color fabric or a small print fabric for the front. On the back of the T Shirt quilt anything goes!!

Here are a few great T Shirt quilt backings we have used on quilts:

Thanks for supporting our small business -we appreciate out customers!

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