Quilting Stitches Make the T Shirt Quilt

Does the quilting matter on your T Shirt quilt? It should. The quilting stitches are what holds your T shirt quilt together but it also has other functions.

Quilting stitches either add to or detract from your t shirts. Look at examples of T shirt quilts. Do you see the thread or do you see the shirts? You want to see the shirts! Quilts with different quilting on each block look messy and takes your eyes away from the shirt. Yes it may be nice to see a detailed picture stitched on your shirt but over time will it be so neat? It may be artistic but what if it is not to your liking?

Quilting stitches that are too large and make the quilt look cheap.  In this picture there is way too much space between the quilting! The T shirt quilt may look OK when you first receive it but after washing it there will be baggy places! It is also distracting to have a lot of open spaces-it does not flow well!


Quilting in the ditch. The T Shirt quilt may look good when you first see it but it will look a lot different if you wash it! Most blocks are 12-16 inches square. To quilt in the ditch you sew along the seams-there is no quilting inside the block. The batting over several washings will bunch up -not a good look!

The quilting stitch we use for T Shirt quilts:
    • Looks good and is uniform across the whole quilt. The stitching does not distract you from the shirts. T shirts are different colors and have a variety of designs. The quilting stitch we choose adds cohesiveness and is pleasing to the eye.
    • Is dense to stabilize all 3 layers of the quilt. No worry about your tshirt quilt getting “baggy”.
    • Is quilted over the entire shirt. The batting is securely in place through many washings.
    • And most importantly-It looks GREAT!
Quilting by T Shirt Quilt Company
Start the process to turn your t-shirts into a BEAUTIFUL quilt that will last a lifetime!


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