Qualities to look for when choosing a T Shirt quilt maker.

Google T Shirt quilts and a big range of quilts and prices come up.

How do you navigate and choose the best t-shirt quilt maker for you?

First you have to decide the style of T Shirt quilt you like and also what will work best for your shirts. There are a few different ways to make a t shirt quilt:

  • Traditional- t shirts are cut into squares and sewn together with or without sashing.
  • Mosaic (puzzle)- t-shirts are cut into different sizes and pieced in a puzzle design.

I have found another design where the t shirts are cut into strips and randomly sewn back together. We won’t go there!!

Second -What kind of materials does the t-shirt quilt maker use?

There is a big difference in the quality of fabric.  A t-shirt quilt maker may advertise that they use 100% cotton fabric but that does not always mean it is a good quality. Most t shirt quilts will be washed and handled a lot and poor quality fabric will not hold up to lots of use. Also check what batting they use in the t-shirt quilt. The cheapest batting to use is polyester. Polyester batting will pull apart easily and will not last through many washings.

Third is the price.  Prices are all over the place!

T Shirt quilt makers who are running a  business have fair consistent prices. Customer service is very important to them. They have invested in equipment to produce a quality T Shirt quilt. Your shirts are cut , sewn, and quilted in one location.

Hobby quilters who are not running a business but making t-shirt quilts on the side will typically have much lower prices. To keep costs down they will typically use cheaper fabric and batting. Hobby T Shirt quilt makers may also be sending your quilt top to a longarm quilter to be finished. They may not have the room or budget to invest in a quilting machine.

Fourth– Does the t-shirt quilt maker send you a proof after they piece your quilt top and before it is quilted? If not you need to triple check your shirts before you send them off!

Why choose the T Shirt Quilt Company to make your t-shirt quilt?
  • We make both the Traditional and the Mosaic style of t shirt quilts.
  • YOU choose your fabric from Great quality quilting cottons that make heirloom t shirt quilts. You also have so many choices and can really customize your quilt.
  • We use Hobb’s 80/20 batting in our quilts. It is a cotton blend that is recommended for heirloom quality quilts.
  • Our prices are reflective of the quality fabric, batting, and equipment we use. We also have been making t shirt quilts for many years.
  • We send you a proof to approve before we quilt the 3 layers together. Let’s face it -we are all human! Many times clients have looked at the proof and realized they sent the wrong shirt. We can  also miss a note to put a certain shirt in the center. Let’s work together to make your quilt the best it can be!





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