Proof to approve before Quilting

Proof to approve before Quilting

One service that sets EggMoneyQuilts apart from most t-shirt quilt makers is we send you a proof to approve before  quilting  your t-shirt quilt.

I read a review of a large t-shirt quilt shop and the the customer was upset because a shirt was in the quilt that she did not want to be included. She had sent the shirt by mistake.

We all are human and make mistakes. But do you want the shirt you hate to be in your t-shirt quilt?

We welcome your input through the whole process of making your quilt.

The t-shirts are cut into blocks and then pieced together to make the top. At this stage we send you a picture to approve before the quilting stitches are added. We can move blocks or exchange shirts.

We are all human and make mistakes! Especially around busy times-graduation and Christmas- mistakes will happen. A couple mistakes that can happen:

  • Customers realize they sent the wrong shirt. Graduation time is hectic and parents are gathering t shirts for their child’s T Shirt quilt and they accidentally include a shirt from a sibling or a friend. It would be so disappointing to open your T Shirt quilt and there is your little brothers t shirt! One customer was shocked to see her neighbor’s daughter shirt in the layout. Yes-teenage girls share tshirts! Sbe sent another shirt and we replaced the block.
  • We also make mistakes. A missed note that a certain shirt be placed in the center of a T Shirt quilt has happened by our team. You have an extra special shirt that you want to be in the center. That is an easy fix!
  • There have also been a couple times where a shirt design was printed at a 90 degree angle and it was hard to figure out which way was up! We had one shirt the writing was unrecognizable -then we turned the block upside down and you could read it CLEARLY. The shirt needed to be placed upside down in the quilt to be effective.
  • The backing fabric the client picked is not what they had in  mind. Computer monitors are different and if the fabric you pick is way off what you expected we can usually return it for a replacement. 

 EMQ t-shirt quilts are densely quilted. this makes it impossible  to “unquilt” them without damaging the shirts. 

Our T Shirt quilts are made with high quality fabric, batting, and thread. They are quilted to last for many years. We take the extra step to insure your T Shirt quilt is perfect but we realize nobody is perfect! We have systems in place and the FINAL and most important step is the proof you receive before the quilting stitches are added.


Quilting design on BF quilts

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