Parts of the traditional style t-shirt quilt.

Parts of the traditional style t-shirt quilt.

Parts of the traditional style t-shirt quilt and why knowing them is important to communicate with the t shirt quilt maker. Every industry has words that are specific to the industry. T-shirt quilt makers have our own language. Knowing the parts of a t-shirt quilt helps the process run smoothly.

The traditional style t-shirt quilt is a popular choice of our customers. T-shirts are cut into blocks, fabric is added between the blocks and then it is quilted. The style is clean and orderly.

The fabric sewn between the blocks is called sashing. Sashing is usually cut 2.5 inches. A solid color or small print is recommended. This fabric will be sewn between the shirts. A neutral fabric looks best and does not compete with the shirts.

The t-shirt quilt can be made with or without cornerstones. Cornerstones are the accent squares in the corner of the shirts. Cornerstones look great to showcase school colors in a quilt.

The backing fabric is the fabric that is on the backside of the quilt. A t-shirt quilt is made with 3 layers. The front side has your shirts. The middle is batting. And the 3rd layer is the backing. The backing fabric can be almost any design.

Cotton fabric is not all the same quality. Big box stores sell 100% cotton fabric. It is usually thin and scratchy! The t-shirt quilts we make are made with premium 100% cotton fabric. Using quality fabric has 2 advantages. One the quilt will be easier to sew together. And second you will receive a quality t-shirt quilt.

Fleece is not acceptable but a lightweight flannel works fine. For tips on how to choose fabrics go here.

The quilting stitches are added and then the t-shirt quilt is bound. Binding is a very important step in finishing your t-shirt quilt. Some quilters fold the fabric from the back onto the front. That method has been proven to not hold up to use. The binding should be double folded and and sewn to the front and back of the quilt.

The binding is usually the same color as the sashing or a darker shade that compliments the quilt.

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