Mosaic T-shirt quilts-Can you use Baby Clothes?

We get this question a lot. The short answer is No. We can use a few baby clothes in a Mosaic style T-shirt quilt but we can not make the whole quilt with baby/toddler clothes. And here is why.

We cut every item of clothing into a square or rectangle and then sew them together in a puzzle style. Baby clothes are really small and have very little useable material. We have to cut the design out and then piece it to make it usable. That adds extra seams and extra seams add weight to the t-shirt quilt.

It takes a lot of baby clothes to make a quilt. The more clothes you put in the t-shirt quilt the more labor costs go up. The process of prepping tiny pieces of clothing is very labor intensive!

We professionally quilt our t-shirt quilts on a computerized long arm quilting machine. We have an all over pattern that looks great that we use on our Mosaic quilts. This quilting pattern is just the right density to hold the three layers together without making the quilt stiff. Lots of baby clothes have patches and the quilting machine cannot run over them. There really is very little useable space to quilt. To quilt this type of quilt we have to avoid these patches which can cause your quilt to be droopy. Not good!

Are there t-shirt quilt businesses that do Mosaic quilts with baby clothes?Yes. These shops usually attach the clothes to blocks and then quilt around them. They are doing hand guided quilting so they have more control of where the long arm quilting machine goes.

We don’t like the look of these quilts. They look messy and I think they are not washable. We want our quilts to look like quilts, be washable, and soft. 

An alternative idea is to pick your child’s favorite shirt, onesie, or outfit and save them to make a very special memory quilt when they graduate high school or college. This quilt will be a snapshot of their life and will be very meaningful for years to come!

Thanks for understanding and if you have questions send us a message before you mail your baby clothes. Start you order here for your Mosaic quilt!


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