Mosaic style T Shirt Quilt

The Mosaic style t-shirt quilt is perfect if you have lots of t shirts with lots of different sizes of designs. This quilt is also referred to as a Collage t-shirt quilt or a Puzzle quilt. We cut the designs in different sizes and the blocks fit together like a puzzle. 

We offer 3 styles of Mosaic t-shirt quilts to choose from:

  1. No Borders. The mosaic t-shirt quilt with no borders is perfect to showcase your t-shirts. If you have a lot of t-shirts and the quilt is big this style is recommended.
  2. Fabric Border. On this style of mosaic quilt we add a border to the t-shirt quilt. The fabric can be the same as the backing fabric or you can choose a different fabric. A solid fabric or small print works best for the front border. Also fabrics with a distinct linear pattern are not recommended. We sew a narrow accent border between your shirts and the wide border. This narrow border is called a Stop border. The border allows the eyes to rest between looking at your shirts and the fabric border.
  3. Pieced Borders. In this style of Mosaic quilts we use the backs of your t-shirts to make a pieced border. This style of Mosaic t-shirt quilt is perfect if you have lots of colorful shirts. 

You can choose No Borders, Fabric Border, or a Pieced Border. You  choose your fabric from you send me the name or number and I order it.

Here are the prices for each style-prices.