Mosaic T-Shirt Quilt Prices

Mosaic t-shirt quilt prices are listed below. The sizes for the Mosaic t-shirt quilt are approximate. The final size will depend on the size of the logos/designs on your t shirts. We try to make it as close as possible to the size you choose. 

Mosaic T-shirt Quilt Prices:
No Border Sizes and Prices
Lap 55″ X 60″ (15-20 shirts) $450
Large Lap 60 X 70″ (21-25 shirts) $500
Twin 60″ X76″ (26- 30 shirts) $660
XL Twin 68″ X86″ (31-35 shirts) $780
Full 78″ X 86″ (36-40 shirts) $880
Pieced Border Sizes and Prices:
Lap 55″ X 60″”(15-20 shirts)——-$540
Large Lap 60″x 70″(21-25 shirts)-$630
Twin 60″ X 80″(26-30 shirts)——$780
XL Twin 68 X86″(31 to 35 shirts)–$880
Full 75″ X 85″(36-40 shirts)-$995
Fabric Borders Sizes and Prices:
Lap 55″ x60″ (15-20 shirts) $510
Large Lap 60″ x 70″ (21-25 shirts) $585
Twin 60″ X 80″ (26-30 shirts) $750
XL Twin 68″ X90″″ (31-35 shirts) $820
Full 78″ X 86″ (36-40 shirts) $940

The mosaic t shirt quilt prices varies depending on the border chosen.

We professionally quilt the mosaic t-shirt quilt on a commercial long arm. The batting we use is Hobb’s 80/20. This batting is recommended for t-shirt quilts. It washes well and will hold its shape.

The thread we use is manufactured for commercial quilting machines. We use a color that matches and blends well with your t-shirt quilt.

You choose fabric for your t-shirt quilt from look at quilting cottons. Quilting cottons are a premium fabric not like the fabric from big box stores.