Why we iron interfacing on your shirts.

Why we iron interfacing on your shirts.

Why we iron interfacing on your shirts during the process of making the t-shirt quilt is a question asked a lot. And we are happy to answer it.

What is interfacing? You can read all about interfacing here.

We use interfacing  for 2 reasons:

  1. Interfacing helps the t-shirts lay flat during the piecing  process. This is important. You get a straighter seam during the piecing process. A straighter seam makes for a polished look to the quilt.
    interfacing, flat seams
  2.  Interfacing reinforces worn shirts. Many of the t-shirts have been loved and washed a lot! Interfacing bonds the worn threads together so they have are less likely to become holes. Holes can still appear but the interfacing blocks the batting from shifting and also helps the holes to stay small.

There are t-shirt companies that preach that their quilt is softer because they do not use interfacing. FALSE! If the correct interfacing is used the t-shirt quilts will NOT be stiff. Yes -if you use the wrong interfacing the quilt will be stiff.

For many years, before I started making t-shirt quilts, I was a long arm quilter. I added the quilting stitches to tops they had pieced. Customers would bring me t-shirt quilt tops and they were very stiff. My customers did not know and used a heavy weight interfacing on the back of the shirts.

We use a sheer weight interfacing on the t-shirts in the quilts we make. If you compare our quilts to businesses that do not use interfacing you will feel that there is no difference in softness.

TooCoolTshirtQuilts uses no interfacing in their t-shirt quilts. See below that the t-shirt fabric is pushed to the seams during the quilting process. The shirt has not been stabilized causing the fabric to shift.

no interfacing

Having a t-shirt quilt made is a big commitment. Many times the t-shirts hold memories of trips, milestones reached, and loved ones lost. Ask your t-shirt quilt maker if they use interfacing on the t-shirts.

You can find out more about the process of having us make your t-shirt quilt here.

Your t-shirts will thank you!

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