How to cut your shirts to mail

Postage costs are going up.  We hear that every year!  To lower the shipping cost it may seem reasonable for you to cut your t shirts before you mail them to us.

Unfortunately if the designs have been cut too close we cannot use them in your T Shirt quilt. It is OK to cut the front and back apart but it is not OK to cut the design out and not leave any fabric around it.

This is especially true for the traditional style T Shirt quilt. That style of T Shirt quilt the t shirts are cut into blocks and arranged in rows and columns. The blocks are cut the same width and we can square the blocks by adding fabric and then cutting the blocks.  If the designs have been cut too close we cannot add fabric and we cannot cut into blocks.

Here are examples of the correct way to cut your t shirts and the way to NOT cut them.


We prefer you send the whole shirt but we do understand if you are concerned with the shipping costs. From our experience it is usually less expensive to mail your shirts by USPS Priority mail. You can roll your shirts up tightly and pack a lot of t shirts in a flat rate priority box!



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