Campus Quilts compared to EggMoneyQuilts

Campus Quilts compared to  EggMoneyQuilts

Campus quilts compared to EggMoneyQuilts -comparing the traditional style quilt. Recently I sent 9 shirts off to Campus Quilts so I could compare their traditional block style to the traditional style t-shirt quilt we make at EggMoneyQuilts.

The process of ordering my quilt went smoothly. Campus Quilts sent emails letting me know when they were starting the quilt, when they charged my credit card for the balance, and when the t-shirt quilt shipped.

Let’s compare a 9 shirt t-shirt quilt from Campus Quilts to a 9 shirt t-shirt quilt that we make at EggMoneyQuilts.

Notice how densely the EggMoneyQuilt t-shirt quilt is quilted compared to Campus Quilts. Click on the images to see a closeup. Campus Quilts t-shirt quilts are sparsely quilted. T-shirt quilts need to have a fairly dense pattern for several reasons.

  1.  A dense pattern keeps the batting from shifting.
  2. A dense quilting pattern stabilizes the shirts.
  3. A dense quilting pattern reinforces the seams between the shirts.

Here is a closeup so you can see the difference in quilting density.

Campus Quilts

The density of the quilting on the Campus Quilts is way too sparse. I was also puzzled on why they started the stitching on the block instead of running it from edge to edge. Usually patterns are quilted from edge to edge so the start and stop of the row of quilting will not show and the threads are secured in the binding. Campus Quilt Company starts and stops their quilting on the t-shirt block.

Stitches STOP on the block.

Campus Quilts has to quilt their t-shirt quilts this way because the binding is actually the backing fabric folded over to the front.

The part of the quilt that gets the most wear is the binding. Folding the backing over to the front will not hold up to much use. Also the quilt will be wonky! Fabric shifts during the quilting process and the quilt needs to be squared up before adding binding.

Binding on Campus Quilts
Binding on EggMoneyQuilts

Another difference is that my Campus Quilt t-shirt quilt has no border around the outside edges. I looked back over my order to see if I missed adding a border but I did not . This makes the 9 block quilt from Campus Quilt Company significantly smaller than the 9 block quilt that EggMoneyQuilts makes. Size does matter!

And perhaps the most surprising difference I found was the batting. It looks like a stiff polyester batting. I looked back on their site and it says high loft batting. No mention of it being polyester. We use Hobb’s 80/20. It is premium batting that is 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester. It is warm and soft. 100% polyester batting is usually not warm or soft. You can also see in this picture how much of the block has no quilting on it!

Batting inside Campus Quilts

Yes our 9 shirt quilt is more expensive. We charge $25 per block so the 9 shirt quilt is $225. That prices includes custom fabric you choose, and return shipping. Your quilt will be professionally made to last. We cut the blocks to fit the largest graphic. We can combine shirts into one block at no additional charge and borders are not extra.

Campus Quilt Company saves a lot of time and money. The t-shirt quilts are sparsely quilted and the stitch length is big. Time is saved by folding the backing fabric to the front. Polyester batting is much cheaper than Hobb’s 80/20. They also suggest that the t-shirt quilt be Dry Cleaned. A t-shirt quilt made with quality fabric and batting should not have to be dry cleaned.

Five reasons to buy your custom t-shirt quilt from us:

  1. You choose fabrics from to make your quilt 100% custom.
  2. We are quilters! T-shirt quilts are densely quilted in a pleasing pattern. They will last through many washings and lots of use.
  3. Double folded binding is machine attached. No cutting quality by folding the back over to the front. No worry that the binding will get worn.
  4. Great communication! We let you know when we have your shirts. We send you a proof to approve before we add the quilting stitches. We send you a picture of your quilt with your final invoice.
  5. Customer satisfaction. We have made 100’s of tshirt quilts with many 5 star reviews. You can check our Etsy page to read all our reviews!

Are you interested in the Budget Friendly style quilt that EggMoneyQuilts offers? I did a side by side comparison with a blanket from Project Repat. Find out the differences here.

Please visit EggMoneyQuilts to see the styles of t-shirt quilts we offer!

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