Budget Friendly T-shirt Quilts-a new style

Budget Friendly T-shirt Quilts-a new style

Budget friendly t-shirt quilts are a new style we have added. We have had many requests from clients who have a lot of t-shirts and they wanted another style of t-shirt quilt. This style you can use more shirts and keep the overall size of the t-shirt quilt down. A 36 shirt quilt gets pretty big after we add fabric between the blocks and then a border.

The t-shirts are sewn together without fabric (sashing)between the shirts. The overall size of the t shirt quilt and also the labor is reduced.

We offer 2 options for the backing fabric. The first is a flannel that we have in stock. There are several colors to choose from:

The second is any color of Kona cottons. There are over 300 colors to choose from. Here are the available colors : Kona Cottons

The Budget Friendly t shirt quilt is professionally quilted in an all over meander pattern or a swirl pattern. These patterns are dense enough to secure the three layers. They are not too dense to make the t-shirt quilt stiff.

The t-shirt quilt will have three layers: the front (shirts), batting, flannel or Kona cotton backing. The edges are professionally bound in a matching binding.

Check here for the prices of the budget friendly t shirt quilt.

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