Budget Friendly T-shirt Quilt

Do you want a T Shirt quilt that is budget friendly (BF)?

We have it! T Shirt quilts are made with the same quality fabric, batting, and thread as our Traditional quilts. The only difference is there is no fabric on the front and the backing is a soft flannel.

You choose the fabric for the backing fabric from these available colors:


If you do not have a preference we will pick a color fabric that looks great with your shirts.

Your designs MUST fit in a 15 inch square block..
Sizes and prices:

12 shirts 43″ X 57″–$180
16 shirts 59″X 59″ –$240
20 Shirts 59″ X 73″-$300
24 shirts 59″ X88—$360
25 shirts 73″ X73″–$375
30 shirts 73″ X87″–$450
36 shirts 87″ X87″–$540
42 shirts 87″ X102″-$630

The quilting stitch we use on the BF quilt is an all over meander. It is a dense pattern that holds the 3 layers together well and does not distract from your shirts.