Don’t Settle for boring fabric for YOUR T-shirt quilt.

You choose your fabric from and send us the link, name or number. A solid or small print works best for the front fabrics. For the backing fabric most anything goes! Please look at quilting cotton. If you have questions we are here to help or give you suggestions.

Your T-shirts hold your memories

The Process

Box up your shirts and send to us.
Choose the style of t-shirt quilt you would like. Print out the order form and send along with your shirts and deposit.
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Choose your fabric.
Go to and choose your fabrics. You can send us the link or the number and we will get it ordered!
Receive your BEAUTIFUL T-shirt Quilt!
We will send you an invoice for the balance owed.
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What Style of T-shirt Quilt works for you?

Here's what some of our clients say about their T-shirt quilt from EggMoneyQuilts

I asked Vivian to make the king size quilt using my late husband's t-shirts. At first, I was a little reluctant to let the shirts go into the mail since my husband’s passing was very recent; however, after I looked at Vivian’s reviews, I was confident that I was in good hands. She handled my husband’s t-shirts with care and respect, and stayed in touch with me every step of the way. The result is a beautiful family heirloom that will be treasured for years to come. Thank you again to Vivian and her team for taking such care from placement of the various shirts (which probably didn’t make sense to them LOL), to border colors, to the back fabric. I am forever grateful! (Pic shows my daughter and I doing our best “Vanna White” with our new
Excellent Transaction. Thoughtful and Organized Seller. Supreme Workmanship. Confidently Entrust Your Tshirts to Vivian. We are Beyond Pleased. Thank You
Absolutely perfect. Couldn't be happier. Loved working with this vendor. She made sure everything was perfect. I did a lot of research before choosing and this vendor and ended up choosing them because they seemed to do some really high quality work/style. I was able to pick my back for the quilt and Vivian made sure the backing I picked was appropriate and would work well with my quilt. These shirts are all old and many of them did not fit me anymore (thanks cookies) but they were all precious to me so I really wanted to re-purpose them instead of letting them sit in a land fill for the rest of eternity. Now I have a great keepsake and a usable blanket. I thought I was going to use this in TV room but my son quickly appropriated it for himself and its become his favor blanket to play on. I will cherish it forever. Thank you.

Prices and Styles of T-shirt Quilts

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All t-shirt quilts are professionally quilted on a long arm quilting machine
Meet the ladies of EggMoneyQuilts
We are passionate about making you the best t-shirt quilt and also giving you the best customer service! Vivian & Lynn


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